Amman History

In mythology, the demon or ‘asura’ Tarikasuran undertakes a severe penance praying Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma gets pleased and appears before the demon and tells him that he appreciates the demon’s effort and asks him what he wants. Tarikasuran asks that nobody in the world should be able to kill him.

Lord Brahma replies that once there is a birth, there has to be a death. Hence, the demon should ask something different. The demon thinks for some time and then asks that he should be killed only by a 16-year-old girl who had never seen a man’s face. Lord Brahma grants this wish to the demon.

Immediately, the demon Tarikasura insists that all people in the world must stop worshipping Lord Siva and start worshipping him only instead and started tormenting them.

Seeing this, the Devas went to Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma and appealed tosepeLord Vishnu explains the boon granted to the demon that only a 16-year-old girl who had never seen a man’s face should be able to destroy him.

Then, Lord Voshnu invites Goddess Parvathi and tells her she should be born in the world tro be the adopted daughter of Brahmarasasai in Kurinji forest where there is no trace of males and grow up to be 16 years.

In the passage of 16 years, Devas assemble together and meet Lord siva telling him that they would perform Siva-Parvathi wedding before midnight and sent him to Kurinji forest.

Meanwhile, the demon Tarikasuran’s misdeeds continued and he was torturing the rishis and devas. They pleaded to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu explained that it is already 16 years since Goddess Parvathi was born in Kurinji forest. Hence, he asked Devas to arrange Siva-Parvathi marriage. Accordingly, Devas took Lord Siva for the marriage with Parvathi.

Sage Narada, the famous roshi for his mischievous activities resulting in good, saw this. He went to the demon Tanikasura and infomrf him about this.

Tanikasura became wild with anger and swore that he will go and capture Parvathi and marry her before Lord Siva & Devas reach the Kurinji forest.

That was the day when Parvathi completed 16 years of age growing as an adopted daughter in Kurinji village without having seen a male human. She was happily awaiting the arrival of Lord Siva and the Devas. Then, sage Narada took the form of a cock and crew in the Kurinji forest.

Parvathi gets wild misunderstanding that the day has dawned and the promise of Lord Siva marrying her at midnight did not materialise. At that time, Tanikusura meets her and is captivated by her beauty. Parvathi reminds him about the boon and the condition. Still, the demon approached her. Parvathi takes the ‘Soolam’ and pierces him. However, more demons of tanikasura formed from each drop of the blood dropping from him. Immediately, Parvathi assumes the form of ‘Rathakatteri’ and drinks all the blood in the demon’s body. She wears a garland formed by linking the heads of the demons and wears their skins as dress. She has assumed the ‘Viswaroopam’ as ‘Om Kali’.

Whole earth started shaking drawing out the Land Goddess Bhooma Devi. Nagasakthi joined Bhooma Devi and they prayed the Goddess Parvathi. Devas also joined in their prayers. Kali removed her third eye in her forehead and gave it to Lord Siva. She calmed down after the rage of the war.

Anbarasu Swamigal received the divine news that if a ‘kumbabishekham’ is erformed for the deity of Kali Bagawathi Amman on the day of Chithra Pournami, rains will be regular ansd there will be no shortage of water.

Accordingly, Anbarasu Swmigal goa a the statue of the deity of Kali Bagawathi made and performed Kumbabishekham on 22nd of the Tamil Chithirai month on Chithra Pournami day, on 4th May, 2004. It rained and the shortage of water was overcome.

‘Annadhanam’ is performed every month.

Participating in this Annadhanam keeps the devotee iin good health curing all illnesses.